Friday, September 27, 2013

Darkness after 4

After four days, I'm still working on this concave door.  I started with the rawest wood I've ever used, scrub planed it for one day, spent two days with my coopering plane on the concave face, and now I have my smoother to get the final back side rounded just right. But I have this bump.  And no matter how much I plane, scrape, or sand, it's not going away. 

Plus throughout all this, my arthritic thumb is hurting.  So I did what I used to do when I was tired and sore from a long distance race.....drop into a zone and muscle through it.  In planing wood, that means I tapped the blade to make heavier cuts, cranked up the speed of my strokes, and stopped thinking.  Never mind the gouges I was leaving.  I was going after that bump.

Then the birdie chirped signally that it was 4pm.  I don't do very well after 3pm so seeing how close it was to quitting time, woke me up.  Uh door.  And was I swearing throughout this?  My bench buddy doesn't like me using foul language so I've been trying to be good.  I decided I needed to take a break and maybe sharpen my blade instead.

Ahhh....back to my door and no more gouges being left behind.  My plane is working that sweetly and I'm back to being a happy woodworker.  I finally called Laura over to check my door.  "What do you think?"  "It's pretty good....but I feel this bump." 


  1. sorry kari, it was very minor! laura

  2. Actually, I always appreciate you pointing out the small things. If you didn't, how would I learn to see them. :-)