Wednesday, October 2, 2013


We are all past the stage of choosing our project.  For some (me) it was rather easy.  I've been looking at the "Krenov" cabinets for years and coming into this program, my plan was to build a very sweet and small one with dovetails and beautiful grain patterns.  I've even saved a space on my wall at home where I envisioned three cabinets would hang.  But now, so much has changed.

Laura gave us guidelines to follow as we thought about our project: sweet, small, solid, and simple. In the past, she has stressed the importance of making sketches, technical drawings, and mock ups but she also encouraged us to allow the project to evolve organically through choice of wood or design.  That's what happened with this beautiful piece of Japanese oak.

When I first walked into the wood room, this piece of wood caught my eye in a big way.  I wanted it.  But someone said how rock hard it is so I walked away knowing I could never cut a dovetail into it. Then came Jim Creger....a big guy with big arms.....and good taste in wood.   Originally, he wanted to make a cabinet as his sketches show.  But along came another Jim.....

Jim Budlong, who suggested he make a table instead.  To him, that's what the wood is meant for.  Agreeing, Jim Creger has now started down a different path with his project. 

I imagine all of us are experiencing this change in direction to some degree.  We have an idea of what we want, we make a plan, and set out to make it happen. And then something gets in the way and throws us off.  Some can shift gears easily, as Jim has, while others will dig in their heels and keep their heads down to stay on their original path.  Either way, we are all choosing what is right for us at the time. 

And as one friend commented awhile ago....that's kinda like life, isn't it?

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