Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Measure once, cut twice or is it....

One of the many great things about this CR Fine Woodworking program is that second year students are incorporated into the program and, thus, enhance the whole learning process for us newbies as well as for themselves.  As first year students, we have six mentors we can observe as they progress through their project from design, mini mockup, actual-size mockup, and then the real thing.  Even though they have their own work to do, they're never too busy to answer our questions or give us suggestions on how to tackle a certain exercise.  Along with this they reassure us that, yes, hand-cut dovetails and the perfect board can be a challenge.  But most importantly, they bring us food.  After spending several days flattening and sharpening our Hock plane irons, Jake brought in sharp cheese and flat bread.  Other days, it's donuts......though I think the latter was for getting our bellies primed for pushing our boards into the boring machine.

Suffice it to say, these are the students who measured up in their first year and, thus, made the cut twice.  Check out more of their work using the links below.

Jake's sideboard as a first year student.
Jake Hockel 

Joshua's dresser as a first year student
Joshua Smith

Tobyn McCormick
Tobyn's Table as a first year student

Daniel Zenefski
Dan's wall cabinet as a first year student

Jeff Noblet
Jeff's dresser as a first year student

Ben Cooper
Ben's wall cabinet as a first year student

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