Monday, September 23, 2013

Small Things

Daniel Zenefski is not one of the small things I'm referring to in the title of this post.  He's actually over 6 ft tall.  But in his first year as a student here he made a relatively small piece: a little box.  When I first saw this this piece, I thought "nice" but he's a second year student, where's the pizzazz? 

Then I friended him on Facebook and found the following photos.

Note the grain and how the front, including the drawer, wraps around to the side.
Not too many people look at the bottom of a piece but Daniel included a sweet frame and panel.

His second project was a wall-mounted sideboard.  At first glance, I thought it was just another small piece.  But it turns out it's 5 ft in length. Again, I thought "nice" until I saw the details in the photos.


The tambor door is so graceful as it sweeps around the back of the case.  And for a piece that is so long in length, I love how the grain of the door balances the piece with its verticality.

Then there are those rounded edges on the drawers and case.


Now every time I look at these photos, I think "wow" so much beauty in those details.

In today's Show & Tell, David Welter showed a former two-year student's work beginning with her first project.  With just a subtle touch, a curl in the wood, Sarah Marriage was able to make a piece with such a quiet feel to it.  As in Daniel's pieces, there is no pizzaz, just a small thing that makes one smile and say "wow".


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