Thursday, September 5, 2013

The Three Musketeers

Laura Mays
Besides having six student mentors to lead us in the right direction, we have three amazing instructors.  Laura Mays, Jim Budlong, and Greg Smith.  These are the teachers who have taken on the task of saving me from myself.  Being one of the oldest students here, I have many wood habits that don't quite work at the level that is required here.  And being a former teacher, I'm finding I'm a lot like my students.  The instructors give us lectures and handouts that describe exactly what we are to do for the next exercise but once I get back to my workbench, it's all me.  And if I'm not careful or focused, the old me seeps back in telling me "you've done this before, do it your way".   

Jim Budlong
Greg Smith

Ooops!  "Jim, why are my dowel holes crooked?" or "Laura, these gaps in my dovetails are no big deal, right?"  "Greg, can I add some wood here so this joint won't fall apart?"  They graciously hold my hand and lead me back on the correct woodworker's path.

James Krenov

They've been down this path themselves as they are all former  students of  James Krenov, the founder of CR Fine Woodworking Program.  From what  I've heard, he was one of the toughest teachers a good way.  Thus leaving Laura, Jim, and Greg with some quality skills and information to pass along to those of us fortunate enough to be a part of this school.

David Welter
And there is a fourth Musketeer, David Welter.  He is the unsung hero of the shop.  In a few words, he maintains the shop.  But it would take paragraphs to describe exactly all the work he does to insure that the school runs efficiently.  Plus, in between his duties he teaches, answering questions and helping in any way he can.

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