Monday, October 28, 2013

Law of Distraction

Now that we are all in the thick of our projects, the bench room has quieted down.  People are focused on the tiny details of what they are creating, not wanting to make any mistakes now that they've invested so much time and energy.  But this level of concentration for 8 hours a day, 6 days a week requires superhuman abilities.  Or other things of less importance to do.

While some go outside for a smoke break, others linger in the reading room looking at old year books filled with pictures of former students' work.  Tall students reach for the climbing things, doing pull ups, as they pass through the room. Sometimes we wander over to someone else's bench to chat or watch them work.

I like to believe I'm productive so I make easy tool/wood helper things out of some free purple heart.  But most times, I reach for my smart phone and check facebook.  I tell myself I'm staying connected to home but I when I'm home, I know it's also how I stay connected.

While on a beach walk with a friend, I spoke of these distractions.  She related a story about a young nephew who called the things that pull us away from something "attractions".  Hmm...I really like that.

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