Sunday, February 9, 2014

My Favorite Day of the Year--March 1

Whine Cabinet
The mid-winter show is about to end and our First Friday in February was another successful turn-out of friends, family, neighbors, and former students.  I've been coming to these shows for too many years to count and to finally be on the other side of this wood world is an experience I never could have imagined for myself five years ago.  That's when I took my first class in the summer school workshopTools and Techniques.  And March 1 is when applications are first accepted.  There are only twenty-three benches available and every year when I would send my application in for another class, I impatiently waited for the email from David Welter saying "there's a bench here for you."

This year's line-up of classes is an interesting mix of the traditional classes:  Tools and Techniques and Plane Making and those taught by two former students:  David JohnsonDanish Cord Stool and Caning; Wheeler MunroeUpholstery for Furniture.  I'll be hanging around Fort Bragg for quite awhile so I'm looking forward to learning some more tricks of the trade this summer.

Congratulations to Garrett Grantham for selling his first piece!

Some students are getting their personal websites up and running so here is a list of a few so far:

Jess Osserman                                                                                          Max Macsai-Kaplan


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