Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Color Me Natural

I love color so I'm back to choosing a wood with vibrant orange colors mixed in with stripes.  Padauk.  Initially, I was a bit hesitant in using this for my coffee table but as I now work with it on a daily basis, I really enjoy coming to my bench and seeing something so bright.  It makes me smile.  Where my small Acacia cabinet became my Inner Storm, this is going to be my Sunshine...or as I named it today, Georgia O'Keefe.

Speaking of benches....when I got back from winter break, I was asked if I could switch benches with another student.  No hesitation on my part and although I miss my former bench buddies, I've now joined the more rambunctious side.  And I can't seem to keep my mouth shut.  "You can call me" Al and "Mad" Max are the major instigators.  Talented youngsters who answer all my questions whether it's about wood, bikes, or....anything really.

Max and his quilt

Max and Al team working

Then there's the new instructor, Ejler Hjorth Westh.  I first met him at the Winter party and when I saw what he was wearing, a fuschia colored shirt and bright blue tie, I knew he was going to be an entertaining instructor.  Turned out, he is.  And the first day of his lecture, he brought his wife's award winning nut pies.

Ejler's sideboard


Last, are the photos of our work at Town Hall.

Ben Cooper

Daniel Zenefski

Justin Swent

Andy Johnson

Tim Lundholm

Tobyn McCormick

David Welter

Tim Lundholm

Jake Hockel

Garrett Grantham

Tobyn McCormick

Al Martini

Jeff Noblet

James Meinders

Jess Osserman

Max Kaplan

Chen Lekach

Henry Hewitt

Jim Creger

Chris Moore

Casey Moffit
Kari Logwood

Dan Cerreta

Doug Mackay

Josh Smith


  1. Thanks, Kari, for all the photos of outstanding workmanship. Very inspirational, all of them!

    One question though: Is the Town Hall space really that green, or is that a color cast in the photos?

  2. It's the photographer. The walls are all white but I used a point and shoot camera, which is about all I can manage. :-) Thanks for looking!

    1. Thanks for the explanation. I thought as much, since galleries are usually very neutral. Most editing programs have ways of dealing with color casts ... but it's often a LOT more fun to do fine woodworking than wrestle with software.

      Keep havin' fun!