Monday, March 31, 2014


Brian Hubel's hall table
I knew with my next project I wanted to make a coffee table and I wanted to use the padauk I had noticed in the first semester.  That's all.  But fortunately I collect a lot of wood people on Facebook and, thus, when I spotted a post showing Brian Hubel's hall table, I knew that was it.

What I didn't know was that my coffee table would take on a look of its own. Yes it has the same five drawers and trapezoidal sides but its very different than what I envisioned.  And that's okay.  In the end it will still be a coffee table but what I'll see when I look at it is all the time, energy, and thoughtfulness I put into creating something that no other person can duplicate. It will always be my baby.

Greg Campbell, former CR student
Andy Johnson is making two chairs based on Vidar Malmsten's design but he's chosen ash for the wood instead of oak.

Andy Johnson

Jess Osserman's chair is made out of kwila and below is the finished product.

More students's work in progress: 

Josh Smith is working on a rocking chair made out of walnut.

Max Macsai-Kaplan is hard at work figuring out the next step for his desk made out of beech.

Jake Hockel is  comparing his mock up chair with the walnut chair he plans to make.

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