Friday, December 13, 2013

Dear Drawers

I started out with high hopes but right at the beginning, it's been a rocky relationship.  I made a drawer box to fit you perfectly...yes, I know the first one blew up.  But I spent a ton of time on that first one, with so much patience and care.  From there, it continued to go downhill.  I saw you in polka dots, then a dark stormy night, but couldn't have either.  I had to settle for a brown oak which looked so similar to the acacia I had before.  Isn't that how it always goes?

Nothing was ever easy with you.  I wanted to give you dovetails, but your curves made it painfully difficult to do so.  And then you insisted I give you angles!  Ugh.  I gave you everything you needed. Beech for your sides and that lovely Japanese oak for your bottom.  And such a pretty bottom you have!

In spite of your sweet concave front, it still pooched out too far to fit with the concave door.  I agonized for days, trying to come up with anything other than carving into that innie of yours.  But I finally gave in to what had to be done and cut away parts of you that I so wanted to remain the same.  When fitting you with drawer pulls, I had to borrow, beg, and I would have stolen, to get the right look for you.  Tiny, thumbnail-size pieces in which I bled from the cuts and scrapes I got from using the much larger tools to make them.

But after weeks of agonizing over trying to make you into my ideal, I realized I had to "let go".  I would do my best for you, but in the end, you would always be what you were meant to be.  And how sweet it was to finally put you into that drawer box and see that, yes indeed, letting go would give me the most precious gift of all.

The gift is shown in the video.  Watch the right drawer as the left door is opened and closed.  It made my day!!

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